Seeking to further develop in your role as a minister? CPMC works to provide you with ongoing training and formation to sustain you in your ministry.

Why is formation important for ministers?

As ministers, it is imperative that we spend time forming ourselves so that we can show up for others and walk alongside them.

Programs in jails and prisons that offer offenders education, life skills, religious expression, and recovery from substance abuse greatly reduce recidivism, benefit society, and help the offenders when they reintegrate into the community.
“Responsibility, Rehabilitation and Restoration: A Catholic Perspective on Crime and Criminal Justice”

What formation and training is available?

CPMC has developed an entry-level formation program for individuals interested in ministering to people affected by incarceration. To learn more about current program offerings, please click the button titled “CPMC Foundational Training Program” below.

CPMC is collaborating with specialists to develop specialized trainings, including topics such as Trauma-Informed Care, Immigration Detention, and Trafficking. These trainings will be available to ministers who have already completed the Foundational Training program for ongoing personal and professional development. For further information about these specialized trainings, please email us at the address below.

Ministers on formation

Jennifer Rogers, JD, a volunteer prison minister, talks about how CPMC’s guidance and resources have helped her and her church family bridge the gap between the Church and the prison walls.

Hermes Silva, ministro de prisiones en la Diócesis de Victoria y facilitador del programa de Capacitación Fundamental en español de CPMC, habla sobre cómo este programa puede capacitar y apoyar a ministros y voluntarios en el acompañamiento de personas en prisiones y cárceles.