Healing After Abortion

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The causes and effects of abortion are steeped in various forms of trauma. As ministers of the Gospel it is incumbent upon us to adopt a posture of humility and accompaniment when we encounter an individual who is impacted by this reality. Join this town hall with Dr. Martha Shuping, MD, to learn about the topic of abortion as it relates to incarceration, addresses grief that men and women may experience post-abortion, and offers other vital approaches to being ministers of healing and restoration.

Resources for this presentation:

Three documents by Dr. Shuping: 

1) Presentation on Abortion Recovery Programs, Martha Shuping, MD, at the 2019 World Congress of Families, Verona, Italy. 

2) Forgiveness Therapy, Martha Shuping, MD. Citation:  Shuping, M. (2018). Forgiveness Therapy. CounselEd (4)3 (a digital journal of the American Association of Christian Counselors). 

3) This outcome study is research related to Rachel’s Vineyard retreat showing long-lasting benefit to participants.