Catholic LGBTQ+ Ministry: Accompanying and Welcoming LGBTQ+ Persons

LGBTQ+ persons are incarcerated at a disproportionately high rate. Join us for an important conversation with Fortunate Families as they share real stories of LGBTQ+ Ministry, explore how we can fully accompany LGBTQ+ persons, their families and friends.

Fortunate Families, a Catholic Family, Friends & Allies Ministry, supports LGBTQ+ siblings by facilitating respectful conversation with bishops, pastors and Church leadership, through sharing personal stories and by working to establish intentional Catholic LGBTQ+ Ministry Sites in dioceses, parishes, educational institutions, and communities.

Fortunate Families website:

Recent Town Halls

Mental Health Awareness

Join CPMC for a conversation about mental health awareness and advocacy with Katherine Sheffield (USCCB), Ben Wortham (CCUSA), and Ronald Jackson (CCUSA).

Kairos Outside

Kairos Outside offers a comfortable, non-judging retreat for women to support each other as they journey through the incarceration of a friend or relative. Join Evelyn Lemly, CEO of Kairos Prison Ministry International, and Margie Rodriguez, Kairos Outside Leadership Team, to learn about this needed ministry.

Second Chance Month: Opportunities & Barriers to Reentry

This CPMC Advocacy Network town hall discussion focuses on celebrating the opportunities and discussing the barriers to reentry, led by Christy Williams of Catholic Charities USA, Karen Hoeger of Catholic Charities Dubuque, and Sue Haverman and Will Simmons of St. Patrick Center.