Advocacy Policy Issue: SNAP/TANF Felony Drug Conviction Ban

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CPMC welcomes Grant Smith and Hanna Sharif-Kazemi of the Drug Policy Alliance, along with Ingrid Delgado (USCCB) of our talented Advocacy Network Panel. This discussion will focus on advocacy and legislation related to the SNAP/TANF felony drug conviction ban.

Grant Smith is the Deputy Director of Drug Policy Alliance’s Office of Federal Affairs. As Deputy Director, Grant Smith lobbies to reduce the harms associated with drug use and the war on drugs. Smith works to advance DPA’s federal legislative agenda in Washington and helps to shape policy both at the federal level and within the District of Columbia. His areas of focus have included drug overdose prevention, emerging drugs, collateral consequences, marijuana law reform, and the intersection of immigration and drug policies.

Hanna Sharif-Kazemi is a Policy Coordinator at Drug Policy Alliance’s Office of Federal Affairs, where she leads DPA’s campaign to decriminalize drugs at the federal level. In addition to her work on drug decriminalization, Hanna focuses on civil forfeiture reform and repealing the lifetime federal SNAP ban on individuals with felony drug convictions. 



Drug Policy Alliance website

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