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The Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition (CPMC) recognizes the value of community and collaboration in ministering to those affected by incarceration. To facilitate these important discussions CPMC hosts town halls for particular ministries regularly each month. 

These forums provide the space necassary for ministers to share resources, discuss best practices, and learn from each other’s experiences. The resources that are shared at each town hall are posted below. Do you have a particular resource you would like to share or a topic you would like discussed? Let us know.

Next Town Hall: October 5th, 2023

CPMC’s next town hall will explore the power of music in prisons. On October 5th, we will welcome men from the band Quentin Blue, which was formed in 2014 inside of San Quentin State Prison by men serving life sentences. In 2020, three band members were released and came to the same sober home in Los Angeles, where they have re-formed the band and are now using music as part of their healing and reintegration into society. We hope you’ll join us for this special town hall event, which will include a video clip from the documentary produced about Quentin Blue!

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Town Hall 1
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Pastoral Presence to Incarcerated & Staff

https://youtu.be/UPJQmj1feI4 Fr. Harry Dean, former Texas Catholic prison chaplain, shares about about pastoral accompaniment to both incarcerated people and correctional staff. He will discuss how to see our Redeemer in all encounters in your ministry. Raised in the west Texas town of Midland, Fr. Harry Dean received his degree in broadcast journalism from…
Town Hall 2
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Federal Prison Oversight Act

https://youtu.be/EZVLmNSBuak CPMC is excited to again host an Advocacy Network Panel discussion, led by David Jimenez of Prison Fellowship. This discussion will focus on the Federal Prison Oversight Act, bipartisan legislation intended to overhaul Federal prison oversight and strengthen safety and security at Federal prisons. Presenter Bio: David Jimenez serves…
Town Hall 3
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Human Trafficking: Focus on Juveniles

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0UXVuYV3ic CPMC invites you to a conversation with Felicitas Brugo Onetti, Anti-Trafficking Education and Outreach Coordinator at the Migration and Refugee Services Department at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. She leads a discussion about human trafficking issues that specifically impact juveniles and how ministers can support them, including…
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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qBVd363QCA4 CPMC invites you to a discussion about immigration, led by David Spicer, JD, Senior Policy Advisor at MRS (USCCB). He will focus on immigration policy and legislation that provides dignity for the most vulnerable among us, as well as how we can take action on this issue. Presentation Resources (click…
Town Hall 4
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Supporting Fatherhood

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QZA1nEKz2A CPMC welcomes Norman Goldston of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Hartford in Connecticut, who interweaves information about a program that supports fathers, as well as his own story. The Fatherhood Program provides resources to help fathers gain awareness of the important role they play in their children’s overall…
Town Hall 5
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Solitary Confinement

Join CPMC in a discussion about solitary confinement with Rev. Ron Stief of the National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT), a membership coalition of more than 325 religious organizations that mobilizes people of faith to end torture in U.S. policy, practice and culture. Resources: NRCAT website NRCAT State Campaigns webpage…
Town Hall 6
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The 7 Habits on the Inside

CPMC welcomes Jeff Carney of FranklinCovey as he presents about the “7 Habits on the Inside” program, a process that changes prison cultures by building a common foundation for staff and inmates. The process allows both groups to use a common language to find mutual understanding and foster an environment…
Town Hall 7
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Advocacy Policy Issue: SNAP/TANF Felony Drug Conviction Ban

https://youtu.be/fLx56qYYKDo CPMC welcomes Grant Smith and Hanna Sharif-Kazemi of the Drug Policy Alliance, along with Ingrid Delgado (USCCB) of our talented Advocacy Network Panel. This discussion will focus on advocacy and legislation related to the SNAP/TANF felony drug conviction ban. Grant Smith is the Deputy Director of Drug Policy Alliance’s Office…
Town Hall 8
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Support for Children with an Incarcerated Mother

Join CPMC for a presentation by Pat Chambers Daly and Christina Illenberg of Hour Children, an organization focused on helping incarcerated and formerly incarcerated women and their children successfully rejoin the community, reunify with their families, and build healthy, independent, and secure lives. Link: Hour Children website Link: Hour Children video (shared during…
Town Hall 9
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Impact of Federal, State, & Local Policy

At this CPMC Advocacy Network Town Hall, Jeff Caruso (VA Catholic Conference), Ingrid Delgado (USCCB), David Jimenez (Prison Fellowship), and Alexandra Carroll (CCHD) discuss the impact of policies at the federal, state, and local levels, as well as the limits and power of each level. Presentation Links & Resources: National…
Town Hall 10
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Creating Community in Re-Entry Ministry & Among Families

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbMDz3ESRPg Join CPMC for a conversation with Bruce Noddin (Maine Prisoner Re-Entry Network) and Rev. Dr. Margaret “Dodie” Sheffield (MPRN’s Rose’s Room). They will share about how to build community through re-entry ministry and support networks for families affected by incarceration. Maine Prisoner Re-Entry Network (MPRN) is  a statewide organization…
Town Hall 11
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Advocating for the Common Good in a Polarized Culture

CPMC is excited to host Sammy Perez and David Jimenez of Prison Fellowship, along with Ingrid Delgado (USCCB), Tom Mulloy (Jesuit Conference), and Christy Williams (CCUSA) of the CPMC Advocacy Network Panel, representatives of national Catholic and Christian organizations working for legislative change within the prison and detention system. This…
Town Hall 14
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Why Ministry?

In this town hall event, join Sr. Misty Garriga, CDP, and Sr. Susan Van Baalen, OP, in reflecting over their past year of ministry and their hopes for the upcoming year. Sr. Misty is a new diocesan director of prison ministry in Beaumont, TX (home to Texas death row), and…
Town Hall 8
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Supporting Children with Incarcerated Parents

Please join us for this town hall with Project Avary, an organization that helps children heal from the impacts of having a parent in prison. Danielle Brook and Eric Almeida will share about their work of surrounding youth with a long-term, supportive community of peer and adult mentors and of…
Town Hall 16
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Healing After Abortion

The causes and effects of abortion are steeped in various forms of trauma. As ministers of the Gospel it is incumbent upon us to adopt a posture of humility and accompaniment when we encounter an individual who is impacted by this reality. Join this town hall with Dr. Martha Shuping,…
Town Hall 19
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Incarceration & Developmental Disorders (Part 2 of 3)

Deacon Larry Sutton, PhD, presents a town hall in this series on developmental disorders. He shares that once someone has been identified or thought to have a developmental disorder, it is important to not ‘assume’ they know or understand as neurotypical individuals and to work on skill development as a…
Town Hall 20
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Understanding Trauma Through the River of Cruelty Model

Audra Fullerton, Program Director of the Peaceful Families Program at the Family Peace Initiative, and Sheri Shideler, a graduate of the program, present the “River of Cruelty” model and discuss how it was used in the curriculum at the Topeka Correctional Facility in Topeka, KS. The Peaceful Families Program is…
Town Hall 21
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Ministry to Officers

Join us for a discussion with Deacon George Kain, former secretary of the Connecticut Board of Police Commissioners, former probation officer, and volunteer prison minister, and Marilyn Kain, MS, LPC, LADC . With their expertise and guidance, as well as your attendance, CPMC will determine the topics and issues needed…
Town Hall 22
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Entrepreneurship: Passing On Your Experience

In his second career as Executive Director of JUST of DuPage, Michael Beary passes on his 20 years of business knowledge to people returning from incarceration. He is joined by Greg Fischer, a JUST program participant, in describing the work of JUST of DuPage and its impact. Watch the town…
Town Hall 23
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Walls of Our Heart (Programa en español)

Únase a la CPMC para una discusión sobre las realidades de la inmigración, la detención y cómo es una respuesta ministerial. Los participantes escucharán a ministros expertos y facilitadores de programas que están trabajando para crear un sistema de inmigración justo y compasivo, incluida la Hna. Norma Pimentel, MJ, de…
Town Hall 25
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Community Reentry Network

Christopher Houston, National Faith-Based Reentry Coordinator for the Federal Bureau of Prisons, will present about the Community Re-Entry Network. This initiative is a new program funded by the First Step Act that seeks to connect and collaborate with faith-based organizations that facilitate re-entry services through an online clearinghouse for inmates.
Town Hall 27
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Curt’s Café: Holistic Supports for Re-Entry

Join CPMC for a discussion of holistic supports for youth re-entry with Angelina Alfaro, Alexis Marquez, and John Thomas of Curt’s Café in Evanston and Highland Park, Illinois. The Curt’s Cafe programming model utilizes the eight dimensions of wellness to deliver support services, collaborate with partners, and involve clients in…
Town Hall 28
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Non-Violent Communication

Join CPMC for a presentation by John Paul of Heart to Heart. Heart to Heart empowers men and women to live increasingly free and fruitful lives through mindfulness practices, teaching Nonviolent Communication, yoga, meditation, the healing of trauma, decision-making, Conflict Resolution​ (MEDC) and more. They support learners, both within correctional…
Town Hall 29
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Art for Personal & Communal Healing

Kolbe House ministers will share the pathway for healing and insight through art. Sr. Angele Hinkey, DC will describe her one-on-one ministry in jail, Painting from the HeArt. Emily Cortina, Coordinator of Outreach and Formation, will present examples to encourage brainstorming of ways to engage the wider Catholic community in…
Town Hall 30
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Prison Fellowship Angel Tree

Join CPMC for a presentation about how parishes and communities can support families impacted by incarceration through Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree program. Angel Tree strengthens relationships between incarcerated parents and their children through Christmas gifts on behalf of incarcerated parents, summer camps, and more. This Town Hall features speakers Heather…
Town Hall 31
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Sharing Synodal Feedback

Join CPMC for a follow-up discussion about submitting the information you gathered for the Synod on Synodality. Erica Cohen Moore (NACC) and Joe Cotton (Archdiocese of Seattle) will guide participants through the process of submitting information to the USCCB and to CPMC. Resources: PowerPoint Presentation CPMC Synod Blog Post: https://www.catholicprisonministries.org/blog/synod-on-synodality
Town Hall 32
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Women in Prison

Join CPMC for a conversation about the issues women face while incarcerated. Sr. Donna Liette of Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation, Latrice, and J discuss women’s unique needs during their experience of incarceration, both inside and outside the carceral system. For more information about the Precious Blood Ministry of Reconciliation, you can visit the…
Town Hall 33
  • Re-Entry ·

Re-Entry: The Francisco Homes

This Town Hall explores The Francisco Homes program, which provides re-entry support and transitional housing services to formerly incarcerated individuals in South Los Angeles. This presentation will be led by Sr. Teresa Groth (Executive Director) and David Smith (Program Manager). Resource: The Francisco Homes website
Town Hall 35
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The Spirituality of Accompaniment

In anticipation of Lent, join us for a conversation with Fr. Dustin Feddon (Joseph House) and Joe Cotton (Archdiocese of Seattle) about deepening a spirituality of accompaniment while ministering to those who are affected by incarceration.
Town Hall 28
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Synodal Listening Session for Re-Entry Ministers

Join Erica Cohen Moore, Executive Director of the National Association of Catholic Chaplains, and Joe Cotton, Director of Pastoral Care & Outreach Ministries of the Archdiocese of Seattle, as they invite ministers to share their reflections on what they need in their ministry to those impacted by incarceration. You can…
Town Hall 28
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Synodal Listening Session for Correctional Ministers

Join Erica Cohen Moore, Executive Director of the National Association of Catholic Chaplains, and Joe Cotton, Director of Pastoral Care & Outreach Ministries of the Archdiocese of Seattle, as they invite ministers to share their reflections on what they need in their ministry to those impacted by incarceration. You can…
Town Hall 39
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Accompanying Former Gang Members

Join us for a discussion about work at the intersection of gangs, re-entry services, and women’s experiences in that space. We will be joined by two employees of Homeboy Industries: Natalie Venegas, a Case Manager, and Erin Gutierrez, a Licensed Social Worker.
Town Hall 40
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Opening Wide Our Hearts: A Conversation on Racism

Join us for a discussion on the rippling effects of racism. Our guest speaker is Zuri Davis, a criminal justice reform activist and a former journalist. During her journalism career, she covered police misconduct, wrongful incarceration, the drug war, and the death penalty. She currently resides in Jacksonville, Florida.
Town Hall 42
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Juvenile Detention Mentoring: A Model for Campus Ministries

Learn about a mentor model that connects college students with juvenile detainees, an important encounter opportunity that transforms everyone involved.  Hear from former Seattle University students who experienced the model and can testify about its impact.  Learn what’s involved in establishing a similar model in your region!  
Town Hall 43
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Applying Restorative Justice: Practices of Encounter

Restorative justice is a philosophy or approach to harm that focuses on repairing relationships and is consistent with Catholic teaching. Restorative practices can be applied in various types of ministry to the incarcerated as well as individuals and communities harmed by crime. Join us as Caitlin Morneau (Director of Restorative…
Town Hall 44
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Implementing Centering Prayer: A Follow-up Conversation

This Town Hall is a follow-up conversation to Holding Still. Join Ray Leonardini (Prison Contemplative Fellowship), Lawrence Hamilton, and Paul Deitering about the practicalities of implementing a Centering Prayer program in the facility where you volunteer or minister. You can visit Prison Contemplative Fellowship here. You can find a resource guide…
Town Hall 47
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Human Trafficking & Incarceration

Join us for a conversation with the US Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking. Learn why many trafficked women are getting put behind bars for crimes they were forced to do. Hear how the prison system fosters trafficking inside its walls. Join a discussion on finding ways to work together to…
Town Hall 48
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Immersion: A Point of Re-entry

Join us for a conversation with the Immersion program directors. This program serves returning citizens in need of critical supportive wrap-around services and provides access to SVdP resources available throughout the United States. Grounded in Catholic Social Teaching, the Immersion program works in systemic change initiatives to end poverty by…
Town Hall 49
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Restorative Justice Ministry (with Catholic Extension)

Join us for a conversation about Catholic Extension’s work in restorative justice ministry. Their program, in partnership with Loyola University of Chicago, provides training in theology and practical strategies for expanding or creating diocesan and parish-based Restorative Justice prison ministries in your area. Catholic Extension website: https://www.catholicextension.org/grant-information/strategic-initiatives/restorativejustice/ For any questions,…
Town Hall 48
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Education & Re-Entry

Each third Thursday of the month CPMC and the NACC will be hosting town halls for those doing re-entry ministry. The town halls are structured to share practices and resources on important topics for the unique needs for citizens being released from incarceration/detention. For any questions, please email: [email protected]
Town Hall 51
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Juvenile Detention Ministry

On any given day, over 48,000 youth in the United States are confined in facilities away from home as a result of juvenile justice or criminal justice involvement. (Prison Policy Initiative) Come share resources, best practices, and lessons learned as we address the need to minister to juveniles experiencing incarceration.…
Town Hall 54
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Ministerial Trauma

Each third Thursday of the month CPMC and the NACC will be hosting town halls for those doing re-entry ministry. The town halls are structured to share practices and resources on important topics for the unique needs for citizens Join us for a conversation with Sr. Ilaria Buonriposi, CMS and…
Town Hall 48
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Sharing Best Practices and Lessons Learned

Each third Thursday of the month CPMC and the NACC will be hosting town halls for those doing re-entry ministry. The town halls are structured to share practices and resources on important topics for the unique needs for citizens being released from incarceration/detention. Shared resource: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hLDHIdWH2P40nhI7axHjm8Zb1X8V5j-h/view For any questions, please…
Town Hall 57
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A Catholic Retreat Behind Bars: Kolbe Prison Ministries

https://youtu.be/DnIsFA_R7N4 The Kolbe Prison Retreat is similar to an ACTS retreat that is offered by Catholic parishes and is named after Saint Maximilian Kolbe, who was martyred in a German concentration camp during World War II.  About 65 inmates attend the retreat and are chosen by the prison chaplain and…
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