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If you are seeking information on ministries for a loved one who is incarcerated or who was incarcerated, you have come to the right spot.

If you're seeking ministry for yourself or for a loved one, please explore our listings.

What are you seeking?

If you want to learn more about jail, prison or detention ministries on behalf of a loved one, you have come to the right spot. The resources in this section will:

  • Explain the critical role of jail and prison ministry in the Catholic Church.
  • Direct you to Catholic ministries for those affected by jail, prison or detention across the U.S.
  • Direct you to valuable resources for people when reentering society as well as legal resources for people who are incarcerated.
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What does Catholic Church say about jail and prison ministry in the U.S.?

To learn more about the Catholic Church’s involvement in jail and prison ministry in the United States, we recommend you read the USCCB statement “Responsibility, Rehabilitation, and Restoration: A Catholic Perspective on Crime and Criminal Justice” by clicking the link below.

What Catholic ministries and resources are already offered to persons who are incarcerated in the United States?

While there are many ministries involved in this work, we recommend you read about the work of Dismas MinistryThe Word Among Us, and the Order of Malta Pen Pal Program. Dismas Ministry and The Word Among Us offer free resources, and the Order of Malta Pen Pal Program provides instructions and forms for an inmate to request a pen pal.  These are just few of the numerous ministries you will discover on this site. Click on the buttons below to learn more.

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What legal resources are available to persons who are incarcerated?

A major challenge for persons who are incarcerated is ensuring that their legal rights are met. We recommend Prison Policy Initiative, which provides information on state and national legal resources for persons who are incarcerated.  

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What legal resources are available to persons reentering society?

People who reenter society after spending time in jail and prison face numerous obstacles. On our Listings page, you will find ministries and organizations that assist with reentry. We also recommend Root and Rebound Reentry Advocates, which provides valuable legal resources to assist persons reentering society.  

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Solidarity calls us to insist on responsibility and seek alternatives that do not simply punish, but rehabilitate, heal, and restore.

- USCCB, “Responsibility, Rehabilitation and Restoration: A Catholic Perspective on Crime and Criminal Justice -