Restorative Justice

Restorative justice is a philosophy or approach to harm that focuses on repairing relationships and is consistent with Catholic teaching. Restorative practices can be applied in various types of ministry to the incarcerated as well as individuals and communities harmed by crime.

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What is restorative justice?

Restorative Justice is a way of understanding crime in terms of the people and relationships that were harmed, rather than the law that was broken. It is rooted in values of human dignity, right-relationship, healing, accountability, and encounter, consistent with Catholic Social Teaching.

Restorative practices are formal or informal processes that allow those most directly impacted by a crime (victims, offenders, and communities) to determine ways to repair the harm that was done. Examples of restorative justice include circle process, victim-offender dialogue, and community conferencing. 

It is painful when we see people who think that only others need to be cleansed, purified, and do not recognize that their weariness, pain, and wounds are also the weariness, pain, and wounds of society.
- Pope Francis -
curran-Fromhold Correctional Facility in Philadelphia

How does restorative justice help?

Some outcomes that are typically associated with restorative justice processes include: 

  • Higher levels of satisfaction in the process among victims as compared to the traditional justice system. 
  • Smoother reintegration into society and lower rates of recidivism among formerly incarcerated individuals. 
  • More positive experiences of trauma healing and resilience among individuals and communities involved in the processes. 

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Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition recommends the Catholic Mobilizing Network as our featured resource to learn more about Restorative Justice. 

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