Returning Citizens 1

Give them hope

“Our analysis also shows that formerly incarcerated people are more likely to be “active” in the labor market than the general public. Among 25-44 year old formerly incarcerated people, 93.3% are either employed or actively looking for work, compared to 83.8% among their general population peers of similar ages.

Though unemployment among formerly incarcerated people is five times higher than among the general public, these results show that formerly incarcerated people want to work.

Formerly incarcerated people want to work. Their high unemployment rate reflects public will, policy, and practice — not differences in aspirations.”

– Prison Policy Project

Employment Resources for Returning Citizens

“Because if hope is closed in a cell, there is no future for society. Never deprive one of the right to start over.” – Pope Francis



Returning Citizens 2

Resources for Returning Citizens

Directory of Housing Resources for Returning Citizens to the District of Columbia

Criminal Justice Coordinating Council, Washington DC 

Underground Ministries: Prisoner Relationship, Resurrection & Reentry

Undergroud Ministries 

Bridges: Returning Citizens Resource for Philadelphia

Free Library Returning Citizens, Philadelphia

National Directory of Programs for Women with Criminal Justice Involvement

National Institute of Corrections

RED: Companies that Hire Returning Citizens

Rehabilitation Enables Dreams (RED)

The National Reentry Resource Center

Department of Justice, Bureau of Justice Assistance