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CPMC creates opportunities to share resources and best practices to strengthen the Church’s mission to advance restorative justice that upholds the dignity of every human person affected by incarceration and detention.  

If you are beginning your work in prison ministry, we recommend beginning with our featured resource, “Jail & Prison Ministry 101.” This six part video series, lays the groundwork for anyone seeking to serve people affected by incarceration.

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Not only are we responsible for the safety and well-being of our family and our next-door neighbor, but Christian solidarity demands that we work for justice beyond our boundaries

- Responsibility, Rehabilitation, and Restoration:
A Catholic Perspective on Crime and Criminal Justice - USCCB -

Training And Webinars


We have assembled videos and webinars that cover fundamental topics and issues related to prison and jail ministry, reentry, and restorative justice.

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Local, State, and National Partners


Our growing list of local, state, and national partners will help connect you with ministries in many fields of interest. There may be ministries closer than you think, and connecting is free. 

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Webinars and In-Person Events


From webinars to in-person training events, Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition receives and organizes upcoming events for your edification. 

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Handouts, Bibles, and Pen Pals

For those ministering in jails and prisons

For those ministering in jails and prisons, we have assembled a particular list of the best resources to assist you along the way.

These resources cover a wide range of topics, from assisting families of inmates to avoiding burnout. Click the button below to get started and learn how to further develop your ministry.

Survivor’s Manual, journals, Lectionaries, and more

For persons who are detained and incarcerated

For those ministering in jails and prisons, we are collecting unique resources for you to share with persons you minister to.  

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Manuals, Training Guides, Prayer Resources

Restorative Justice, Advocacy, and Prayer

For those needing resources on restorative justice, advocacy, and prayer, we have gathered numerous resources to share with you.

These manuals, training guides, and prayer resources will help equip you serve those affected by incarceration. Click the button below to begin learning now.

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Not only are we responsible for the safety and well-being of our family and our next-door neighbor, but Christian solidarity demands that we work for justice beyond our boundaries.

- U.S. Catholic bishops: Responsibility, Rehabilitation, and Restoration (2000) -

Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice CPMC Breakout Session: Radical Light in Radical Darkness


Videos & Webinars


For those ministering in jails and prisons.

Pen Pal - Order of Malta North American Prison Ministry Apostolate

Recruiting Volunteers to Ministry Webinar Handouts from April 2019 Webinar

LEAF (Listening, Encouraging and Assisting Families) PPT from April 2019 Webinar

Catholic Correctional Chaplain Principles from CCC Chaplains Resource Binder

Associated Chaplains in California State Service (ACCSS) Code of Ethics

Inmate Stations of the Cross

Catholic Bibles

Catholic Initiatives of The American Bible Society 

Large print Catholic Good News Translation Bibles, Normal print New American Bible Revised Edition. Contact Mike Carotta at [email protected] for an order form.

Inmate Religious Beliefs and Practices Technical Reference Manual (TRM)

This manual by the National Institute of Corrections provides practical guidelines for administrators and chaplains to appropriately accommodate inmate religious beliefs and practices for fourteen religion traditions.

To access the resource, please click here

Studies that Support that Religious Programming Lowers Recidivism

There exist in-depth studies that support the effectiveness of religious programming on lowering recidivism rates. Two of these studies include An Outcome Evaluation of the Interchange Freedom Initiative in Minnesota and An Evidence-Based Assessment of Faith-Based Programs.


Resources for persons who are incarcerated

For those ministering, consider sharing these valuable resources with persons who are incarcerated: 

Resources to get started with Restorative Justice

The California Catholic Conference (CCC) has prepared a resource on Restorative Justice. The CA Catholic Conference page offers a simple, practical approach to criminal justice that is rooted in our faith as Christians and Catholics.

Click the button below for CCC resources.  

Click here to go to our a list of additional resources on our Restorative Justice page.

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Resources to get started with Advocacy

For those looking to learn more about advocacy and how you can get started today, the Ignatian Solidarity Network has prepared a  School and Community Training Guide: Advocacy 101.

Click button below the Advocacy 101 resource.

Click here to explore other resources on our Advocacy page.  

Prayer Resources

The Stations of the Cross are a reflection the Passion of Jesus Christ, often practiced during Friday’s in Lent. This particular prayer resource is a version for inmates and those ministering to them.

This prayer from the Columban Fathers website seeks God’s love and support for all people affected by incarceration.  

  • Prayers for Spiritual Communion & Penance

Prayers to be used by those who might not have access to the Sacrament of Reconiliation an the Eucharist.

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