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Hosted by Cardinal Joseph Tobin

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Reclaiming Wholeness is an exploration of addiction, recovery, community, and spirituality.

Four out of five people who are incarcerated enter confinement under the influence of a substance or with an existing substance use disorder. Addiction is an indiscriminate disease. With this conversation, and in partnership with coalition members, the Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition provides a platform for chaplains, ministers, loved ones, community members, and those in recovery to become compassionately aware and gain a deeper understanding of the issues surrounding addiction and incarceration.

Four voices, Jim Wahlberg (The Big Hustle, What About the Kids?), Evelene Duhart (Ignatian Spirituality Project), Lisa DeLaura (Just of DuPage), and host His Eminence Cardinal Joseph Tobin (Archdiocese of Newark) come together to share their wisdom and stories, their road to recovery, and how they accompany others impacted by this disease.

“In this place where people struggle with drug addiction, I wish to embrace each and every one of you, who are the flesh of Christ.”

– Pope Francis

Cardinal Joseph Tobin

Cardinal Tobin

Oldest of 13.
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Jim Wahlberg


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Evelene Duhart


Case Manager.
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Lisa DeLaura


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Cardinal Joseph Tobin
Archdiocese of Newark

Our Sunday Visitor

Ignatian Spirituality Project

JUST of DuPage County

Subcommittee on Certification for Ecclesial Ministry & Service

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The Big Hustle

The Big Hustle

A Boston Street Kid's Story of Addiction and Redemption

Jim Wahlberg | Author
Our Sunday Visitor | Publisher

Reclaiming Wholeness 7
Dio Arlington

The church’s role in combating addiction

Zoey Maraist | Catholic Herald Staff Writer
Diocese of Arlington

Reclaiming Wholeness 8
St Mark Ji

This Addict Is a Saint

Jim Manney |
Lisa Abbot | Iconographer |

Reclaiming Wholeness 9
Dio Erie Resources

Liturgical Resources

Order for the Blessing | Ritual Prayer for the Sick | Intercessions

Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania

Reclaiming Wholeness 10
Marshall Project - Overdose in Jails

Inside The Nation’s Overdose Crisis in Prisons and Jails

Behind bars, drug use is rampant and uniquely deadly, new data shows.

The Marshall Project

Reclaiming Wholeness 11

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