Tag: Human Trafficking

Systemic Issues

Oct 23
Human Trafficking Advocacy

Join us for a presentation by Marilyn Zigmund Luke, Director of Advocacy for the Alliance to End Human Trafficking (AEHT). She will share about the important work being done by AEHT to break barriers and advocate to end human trafficking.

Jul 07
Human Trafficking: Focus on Juveniles

CPMC invites you to a conversation with Felicitas Brugo Onetti, Anti-Trafficking Education and Outreach Coordinator at the Migration and Refugee Services Department at the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. She leads a discussion about human trafficking issues that specifically impact juveniles and how ministers can support them, including a discussion of solidarity, trauma-responsive accompaniment, and confidentiality.

Apr 21
A Broad Overview of Human Trafficking

This is a broad overview of human trafficking with Felicitas Brugo Onetti, Anti-Trafficking Education and Outreach Coordinator, and Marsha Forson, Policy Advisor, with the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. We will learn about human trafficking, how to support victims, and about resources on labor and sex trafficking and exploitation.

Jun 14
Ministering to Families of Incarceration

Joyce Dixson-Haskett, a formerly trafficked/incarcerated person and sought-after author and clinical social worker, discusses her programmatic model and book Levels of Response to Traumatic Events. In this webinar, she presents tools for resiliency to equip families, lay people, and professionals alike in effectively helping and working with children and loved ones of incarcerated parents. Resources: […]

Feb 10
Human Trafficking

Listen to a conversation about how to recognize trafficking within prisons, within the newly released population, and how to discuss this topic with people in your ministry.

Feb 03
How to Accompany: Human Trafficking

Deacon Frank DiGirolamo (Archdiocese of Seattle) shares what he is doing in the area of Human Trafficking, his experience working in the system, and provides resources. Click here to view Deacon Frank’s slideshow.

Sep 08
Human Trafficking & Incarceration

Join us for a conversation with the US Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking. Learn why many trafficked women are getting put behind bars for crimes they were forced to do. Hear how the prison system fosters trafficking inside its walls. Join a discussion on finding ways to work together to help women not become victimized […]