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Sep 07
Different workings but the same God

by Jack Pachuta Iconographer "Deacon Ronnie Lastovica has been visiting women on death row in Mountain View Prison in Gatesville, TX, for over 8 years. Six of the women on death row have become Oblates of the Sisters of Mary Morning Star. He discovered that these women have been including CPMC’s Mary, Mother of Captives prayer card in their correspondence. I was very honored to know my art work was being used in that way."

Sep 05
Wherever two or more are gathered…

by Jarrod Kinkley Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition Many Dioceses and organizations are gathering their ministers and supporters together in one place to attend the conference and to have an in-person opportunity to support and encourage each other. This is wonderful! Some of those groups have asked for suggestions of how to do this and still fully participate in the virtual conference. Below are a few suggestions.

Sep 03
Human Trafficking Resources

Human Trafficking Resources Human trafficking is a threat to human dignity and can occur in a broad range of locations, industries, and demographics of people. Prison ministers and volunteers may confront past or present human trafficking in their work, so it is critical that ministers are aware of what human trafficking is, what signs of […]

Aug 29
Getting Real

Getting Real An excerpt from Jake’s personal essay: “Whenever I hear stories from the people incarcerated [at California State Prison-Sacramento], my heart grows, and I am challenged to inhabit myself more authentically. People have shared with me struggles and secrets they had never told anyone else. I’ve been present to prisoners as they learned of […]

Aug 22
Everything’s Gonna Be All Right

Everything’s Gonna Be All Right I grew up bad. Man, I was bad. I knew I was bad, and I didn’t even care. I did so many things I can’t even remember them all. Tell you what, I should be dead. That’s right. I ended up here in prison, twenty years. I deserve it. I was one […]

Aug 01
Why Prison Ministry?

by Brittany Holberg Texas Women's Death Row You have a battlefield every time you step through another prison gate. Your injured may not show their wounds visibly but they are just as serious, if not more.

Jul 25
Ministry from the Grassroots & Grasstops

by Jayna Hoffacker Archdiocese of Atlanta The revolution of tenderness must begin with ministering to and accompanying those who are most in need of it - our sisters and brothers whose dignity and existence is threatened daily.

Jul 19
Whose dignity anyway?

by Doug Sandvig Order of Malta We profess to believe in the dignity of all human beings, but what does that look like? In a practical way, how do we show respect for the life of those who sit in prison cells?

Jul 11
Accompanying a Man on Death Row

Accompanying a Man on Death Row Catholic News Agency presents a narrative about accompanying a man on Death Row by Fr. Dustin Feddon, a priest and prison minister in the Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee, as well as the Executive Director of Joseph House. This article can be read on the Catholic News Agency website by clicking here.

Jul 04
How to Show God’s Love

How to Show God’s Love The judge just sentenced me to five years in prison.I’m not happy about it, but I deserve more. I used to get drunk every night and do stupid things, like stealing cars. Then I met a nun who convinced me I was one of those people who has a real […]