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Mar 31
Welcome to Those Re-Entering Society

I recently sat in a county courtroom for three hours. I am not sure exactly how many…

Mar 02
Dismas Ministry Celebrates 20 Years

Founded in 2000, by Ron Zeilinger, Dismas Ministry is a national, Catholic outreach to…

Jan 27
Can you give a reason for your Hope?

In addition to being able to explain our own hope, we need to be equipped to look for…

Jan 13
The Universal Church

I was blessed to go to prison on New Year’s Eve. There was an open call worship…

Jan 01
Pursuing Christ in 2020

Last August, I visited the A-yard and C-yard chapels in New Folsom State Prison in…

Dec 16
The Gift of Prison Ministry

As I stood behind the altar last Sunday night at Mass at the prison, I looked out at a…