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Jul 16
No Greater Gift

I want you, if you will, to close your eyes for just a moment and picture yourself inside of a small room, void of any light. After a few moments of stumbling around, you realize this small space is empty. It is desolate and you are totally alone. Please sit with that for a moment. […]

Jul 03
A Catholic Prayer for Independence Day

A Catholic Prayer for the United States on Independence Day With gratitude, we present a prayer from the Roman Missal, which can be found on the Archdiocese of New Orleans’ website. Father of all nations and ages, We recall the day when our country claimed its place among the family of nations; for what has been achieved we give you thanks, for […]

Jun 26
It Doesn’t Feel Like Prison Anymore

It Doesn’t Feel Like Prison Anymore The Bible is my “desert place” where I can come and rest. I got saved two years ago—too late to keep from coming here but in time to bring Jesus with me. Over the months here my heart began to harden, but Jesus has been a rejuvenation for me. It doesn’t feel […]

Jun 19
Hope, Resilience, & Freedom: Commemorating Juneteenth

A Prayer for Juneteenth: “A Commemoration” With gratitude, we present a prayer by Peter Englert, which can be found on Xavier University’s website. Today, we commemorate the end of slavery in America. This day partially reminds us of the progress made. This day also partially reminds us of the progress we have not made. We celebrate the freedom […]

Jun 11
In the Spirit of Community

Dear Partners in Ministry, Greetings from CPMC’s week at the Border, where we shadowed the Jesuits at their El Camino Border Project. The Jesuits’ ministry is the gift of presence, accompaniment, and the Eucharist on both sides of the border. All of our ministries can learn from their daily walk. People wait in communities where […]

Jun 03
Unguarded – No one escapes from love

UNGUARDED takes us inside the walls of APAC, the revolutionary Brazilian prison system centered on the full recovery and rehabilitation of the person.

Jun 03
Testimony on Religious Freedoms in Prison

Watch the testimony of Fr. Dustin Feddon, CPMC Board Vice Chair, at the Public Briefing on the Federal Role in Enforcing Religious Freedoms in Prison on May 17th, 2024.

May 29
I Helped Him, Now He Helps Me

A reflection by G.M.

May 22
Promised Land

A reflection by Brittany Holberg

May 20
CPMC Bishops Advisory Committee Statements

CPMC Bishops Advisory Committee Statements The CPMC Bishops’ Advisory Committee created statements to ensure the use of sacramental wine and allow face-to-face pastoral visits, which enables participation in all sacraments. You can read these statements, as well as the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ guidelines below. Catholic Bishops’ Statement Regarding Pastoral Care and Sacraments An appropriate […]