Prison Contemplative Fellowship (PCF) is an association of volunteers, prison chaplains, prisoners and former prisoners, who practice centering prayer. We support these groups in starting and growing contemplative prayer groups in prisons and jails. We try to help volunteers get into prisons to teach centering prayer and support them during their initial visits to the prison.

Upon request we send materials in English and Spanish, free of any charges, to volunteers and prison chaplains to assist them in responding to prisoners desiring a contemplative prayer practice.

Through an association with the Human Kindness Foundation, an organization that has sent religious and spiritual materials to prisoners for over 30 years, and who can deal with the complexities of prison regulations for mailing books to prisoners, we are able to send centering prayer materials directly to prisoners across the country. As of the end of February 2016, nearly 700 prisoners in over 400 prisons, have received Finding God Within, Contemplative Prayer for Prisoners. We have also directly sent roughly 634 books to over 74 volunteers going into prisons and jails.