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Program Summary: Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County (CCSCC) has extensive expertise in providing services to address the criminogenic needs of the recently incarcerated. Through the Catholic Charities Employment Network, CCSCC provides employment services to adult male and female ex-offenders referred by the Santa Clara County (SCC) Probation Department, Office of Reentry Services, and the Right Directions Program (RDP) at its San Jose and Gilroy locations.

Target Population: The target population consists of Santa Clara County residents who were formerly incarcerated and either released from correctional institutions on Post-Release Community Supervision (Penal Code Section 3450), on “mandatory supervision” (Penal Code 1170(h)(1), or on regular probation from the county’s prison. Clients served (a) may come from any area within SCC, (b) are expected to have been assessed as being at a medium to high risk to re-offend, and (c) have an identified need for employment support services for placement in competitive market jobs.

Employment Model: The program focuses on competitive employment, rapid job search, targeted job development, client preferences and aptitudes guiding decisions, individualized long-term supports, and integration with treatment programs, counseling, and vocational case management. The individualized approach assists clients in implementing an employment plan that identifies needed supports.

Services: Employment services include job preparation, job development and placement and job retention. Tattoo removal is also provided to remove visible, life threatening tattoos that may present a barrier to work. Client assistance includes providing interview clothes, work clothes, and work tools. Linkage provided to other resources in the community such as CA State Department of Rehabilitation and County Behavioral Health Services.

Job Development and Placement Services: These include any of the following as relevant:
a) Providing at least five viable job leads;
b) Developing opportunities with employers;
c) Attending job fairs with clients;
d) Scheduling job interviews and follow-up with employers to facilitate successful job placement;
e) Accompanying clients on job interviews and assisting with the identification of required job accommodations, when appropriate.

Job Retention Services: Upon placement, the Vocational Case Manager continues to support clients in multiple settings, offering the following for up to 12 months:
a) Workplace counseling and crisis management;
b) Face-to-face meetings at least every 30 days;
c) Job replacement services to any client who loses their job.

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