Irish Council for Prisoners Overseas (ICPO)

Please contact the Irish Council for Prisoners Overseas (ICPO) if you know of any Irish citizens incarcerated in the United States.

For a copy of their newsletter, which chaplains can print and distribute, please click here:

ICPO Newsletter (Summer 2021)

The Irish Apostolate is seeking contact(s) in the following facilities, please HELP!
  • California
    RJ Donovan Correctional Institution
  • Connecticut
    Cheshire Correctional Institution
  • Florida
    Zephryhills Correctional Institution
  • Florida
    Hardee Correctional Institution
  • Florida
    Apalachee Correctional Institution
  • Florida
    Dade Correctional Institution
  • Georgia
    USP Atlanta
  • Georgia
    FCI Jesup
  • Missouri
    Farmington Correctional Institution
  • Montana
    Montana State Prison
  • Nevada
    Northern Nevada Correctional Center
  • New Jersey
    FCI Fort Dix
  • New York
    Otisville Correctional Facility
  • New York
    Clinton Correctional Facility
  • New York
    Green Haven Correctional Facility
  • New York
    Sullivan Correctional Facility
  • North Carolina
    FCI Butner
  • Ohio
    Grafton Correctional Institution
  • Pennsylvania
    Bucks County Jail
  • Pennsylvania
    SCI Houzdale
  • Pennsylvania
    SCI Phoenix
  • West Virginia
    FCI Gilmer
  • West Virginia
    FCI Hazelton