“God's language for me is silence... there's some
type of a healing that goes on.”

– Lawrence

Holding Still

Centering Prayer & The Spiritual Journey

Holding Still is a riveting, candid and insightful short documentary film about practicing centering prayer while incarcerated at Folsom Prison.
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Holding Still is a riveting, candid and insightful short documentary film about practicing Centering Prayer while incarcerated at Folsom Prison.

The film focuses on a diverse group of men that speak candidly about their years long journey practicing Centering Prayer while serving time at Folsom Prison. They share their stories and wisdom with the intention of bringing this practice to other incarcerated men and women, knowing the power of the practice to heal trauma and transform toxic shame.

Through personal testimony, viewers will understand and more importantly emotionally connect with the experience of recovery each individual describes. These men share their deepest emotions and profound experiences.

The viewer will come to understand that Centering Prayer is a way to experience healing and compassion. It may well also be a spiritual practice that brings together groups committed to social and restorative justice. For over a decade, Ray Leonardini has been visiting the incarcerated residents of Folsom State Prison and other correctional facilities, where he has been teaching and facilitating Centering Prayer.

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Prison Contemplative Fellowship has developed a comprehensive program guide and training materials for organizations, including prisons, colleges and universities, parish social ministries and others, who want to develop contemplative prayer in prisons. If you are interested in knowing more or hosting a screening of Holding Still, you can download the screening and discussion guides, as well as contact the Holding Still Project.

For more information about Holding Still, please email: theholdingstillproject@gmail.com.