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CPMC is committed to collecting and sharing the best resources available that can assist those involved in the various ministries serving people affected by incarceration. On this page, you will find relevant movies, documentaries, and videos. 

We also encourage you to submit a resource that you find helpful and would like to share. Through the collaborative effort of sharing resources, we support and empower each other as well as those discerning a call to minister to persons affected by incarceration.

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Recommended Films and Videos

Dead Man Walking

Movie based on true story of spiritual advisor relationship between Sister Helen Prejean and Louisiana death row inmate Patrick Sonnier.  

Theological Reflections on Mass Incarceration

While the scandal of mass incarceration is increasingly obvious to the American people, we have not yet come to terms with the moral challenges it presents. At stake are deeply theological notions of justice, punishment, and mercy. In particular, Catholic Social Thought makes critical demands on behalf of racial and economic justice, challenging our apparent appetite for exile and stigmatization.


The Innocence Files

“The Innocence Files” is a documentary series that chronicles the work of the Innocence Project and other organizations in the Innocence Network fighting to overturn wrongful convictions.


Documentary by director Ava DuVernay that looks at the relationships between slavery, race, mass incarceration, and criminal justice in the United States.  

College Behind Bars

PBS documentary series by Lynn Novick and Ken Burns that features twelve women and men working toward college degrees through the Bard Prison Initiative while incarcerated.  

Subject Matters Interview with Sister Helen Prejean

Sebastian Gomes interviews Sister Helen Prejean about her book “River of Fire” on Salt and Light Media’s “Subject Matters.”

Order of Malta Pen Pal Program: Writing to the Incarcerated

Doug Sandvig and Debby Demaree offer instructions and insights for writing to persons who are incarcerated through Order of Malta Pen Pal Programs.

The Work

Critically acclaimed documentary that features a four day men’s group intensive at California State Prison, Sacramento (New Folsom) in Folsom, CA.  

Just Mercy

Movie based on the true story of Walter McMillian who was exonerated with the help of lawyer Bryan Stevenson after spending six years on Alabaman’s Death Row.