Resources During COVID-19

Ministry in the time of COVID-19 looks different. Here are a few resources that may be able to assist you in continuing to minister to those affected by incarceration. If you have resources which might be of benefit to others at this time, please send them to [email protected].

COVID-19 1

Weekly Mass Recordings

COVID-19 2

Penance Without a Priest

COVID-19 3

Spiritual Care Package

COVID-19 4

Confessión Sacramental

COVID-19 5

Act of Spiritual Communion


COVID-19 6

Communión Espiritual

COVID-19 7

The Way of the Cross: Incarceration

COVID-19 8

Write to Those Experiencing Incarceration

COVID-19 9

Prayers During a Pandemic

COVID-19 10

Prayer to Our Mother During COVID-19

COVID-19 11

COVID-19 Behind Bars: A Handbook for Incarcerated People

COVID-19 12

Essential Spiritual Tool Kit

COVID-19 13

Justice for Immigratns & COVID-19

COVID-19 14 COVID-19 Compassionate Release Sample Narrative Letter and Checklist Letter

COVID-19 15

COVID-19 and Solitary Confinement: Best Practices for Saving the Lives of Incarcerated People and Correctional Staff



COVID-19 16

A State-by-State Look at Corona Virus in Prisons

COVID-19 17

COVID-19 programs and resources state-by-state to help the incarcerated and their families.

COVID-19 18

Multi-Faith Spiritual Resources and Care During the Pandemic

COVID-19 1912 Ways to Help Find Grace and Spiritual Growth During the Pandemic