“Threads of Gold”

Threads of Gold

2nd Sunday of Lent

Written by Brittany Holberg, as part of a series of Lenten reflections, “The Mustard Seed”. Click HERE to view the full booklet of her writings.

"Threads of Gold" 1

I have often used the phrase ‘threads of gold’ to describe how God has never left us. How, when we look back, we can see the shimmering threads of gold He has woven into the tapestry of our lives. They are proof of His presence, no matter what we were going through. They are our evidence. Sometimes they are people He has sent to us, and others they are merely moments where we were doubting or felt so totally alone, and He has revealed himself to us in small yet profound ways, ways that tie us to him always. The first brilliant rays of light that fill the morning sky. A tiny plant bursting through the surface of the soil. A glance into the eyes of someone so desperately in need of love.

The Bible is filled with threads of gold. It is God’s tapestry revealing to us how each shimmering thread has been so intricately woven. As we walk through the days leading up to our Savior’s death and resurrection, no thread shimmers brighter than that of Abraham and Isaac. God spoke to Abraham and told him to take his son, the only son he loved, and go to the land of Moriah where he would offer him up as a sacrifice on the mountain God would point out to him. In one of the greatest acts of obedience ever recorded, Abraham did as God instructed. He built the altar, arranged the wood, then reached for his knife to sacrifice his beloved son.

Just then a messenger of God called out to Abraham and stopped him. He told Abraham to not harm his son in the least, that he knew Abraham feared God for he had not withheld from God even his own son. From this mountaintop, the thread begins and hundreds of years later, we see it woven onto a similar mountaintop, where the voice of God spoke to Peter, James, and John as they watched their Lord and Savior’s appearance be transformed. “This is my beloved son. Listen to him.” Our Savior, in all of his humanity, was wrapped in the most brilliant light of glory. The threads of gold were now connected by the voice of God.

If this shimmering thread had a name, it would be sacrifice. Abraham was willing to sacrifice what he loved most, his beloved son, and God did the same. It is not always easy to climb our mountains and lay our sacrifices on the altar, but remember this story the next time you are struggling. Remember this shimmering thread of gold that wove its way to the cross. He was the ultimate sacrifice, and He was given for us.

Brittany Holberg is an Oblate of the Sisters of the Morning Star. She is a resident on Texas Women’s Death Row.


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