Spotlight: The Office of Prison Ministry in the Archdiocese of Portland

Pathways of Formation

The Office of Prison Ministry in the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon has for some time been concerned with the need for faith-based preparation and support for their volunteers in criminal justice ministry. They became aware of the work of the National Association of Catholic Chaplains in this area, and followed closely the development of the Criminal Justice Ministry Pastoral Care Competencies.

When the NACC, in collaboration with the Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition, introduced the Pathways to Formation, they petitioned to participate in the program at the Foundational level and became Cohort #3. It is a full cohort of 16 and has just completed the third module of six facilitated by Harry Dudley. Some members bring a wealth of understanding from years of prison, jail and youth correctional experience, while others are discerning their place in this work. The sessions have been rich both in content and participation, and their office hopes that they can continue to build their ministerial community by offering this training periodically, facilitated by one of their own able colleagues.

  • Linda Showman, Prison Ministry Project Consultant, Archdiocese of Portland

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