Jake, Jesuit volunteer, finds that prison ministry ‘recognizes God’s special presence in the real messiness of life’

The Diocese of Sacramento presents a reflection by Jake Theriot. From August 2022 to July 2023, Jake served as the Assistant Catholic Chaplain at California State Prison-Sacramento through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. He is currently working towards his Master of Social Work at Loyola University Chicago, and he hopes to continue working with individuals affected by incarceration.

 This article can be read here in the Catholic Herald: the Magazine of the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento. Here is a brief excerpt:

“You’re gonna miss this, you know,” said a fellow volunteer with a penetrating stare as we walked through the front gate of California State Prison-Sacramento.

 “Oh, I know it,” I replied. And I really do know it.

As of my writing this piece, I am in the last week of my year of service with the Jesuit Volunteer Corps, through which I have served as the assistant Catholic chaplain at California State Prison-Sacramento (CSP-Sacramento). As I reflect on my year, I really do know I will miss my time in prison ministry and the people I have met at CSP-Sacramento.


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