It Doesn’t Feel Like Prison Anymore

It Doesn't Feel Like Prison Anymore

The Bible is my “desert place” where I can come and rest.

I got saved two years ago—too late to keep from coming here but in time to bring Jesus with me. Over the months here my heart began to harden, but Jesus has been a rejuvenation for me. It doesn’t feel like prison anymore! It’ll never feel like prison again.

I accepted Christ two years ago in prison, and then I was on fire for the Lord and He took over my life. I shared the Word with my brothers, but then I turned my back on the Lord and I was miserable for a long time. But this weekend has brought Jesus back into my life! I’m scared though and want you brothers to help me and pray for me. You’ve taught me a helluva lesson.

What I like about our Bible study here in prison is that the room is filled with black and white guys but it doesn’t matter— there is just love here, a whole lot of love. I’ve been in prison eighteen years and this is the first time I’ve ever hugged another human being, let alone a man. It feels good, and I know those hugs are hugs of love.

– S.P.

The above story is from the book “Jesus In Jail” by Frederick Hermann, available on Amazon by clicking here. This excerpt is gratefully used with permission.

Frederick Hermann is the author of several books including “I Am With You Always”, “How to Forgive Anyone for Anything”, “The Joyful Life”, and “The Spirit Set Me Free”. These practical and inspiring books will guide you to find true healing, lasting peace, and delightful consolation as you discover the life-changing power of God in your daily life, in all circumstances, both joyful and sorrowful, right now. Even in the midst of sorrow, grief, or loneliness, the peace of Christ can be yours today. He is a popular speaker for audiences of all ages using a dynamic question and answer style to encourage lively discussion, soul searching, and audience participation. To invite him to speak at your next retreat, church group, youth group or special event, contact him at


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