In the Spirit of Community


Dear Partners in Ministry,

Greetings from CPMC’s week at the Border, where we shadowed the Jesuits at their El Camino Border Project.

The Jesuits’ ministry is the gift of presence, accompaniment, and the Eucharist on both sides of the border. All of our ministries can learn from their daily walk.

People wait in communities where they are provided shelter from the exploiting cartels by religious communities working in partnership with the governments of Mexico and the United States. The atmosphere is one of hope.  Hope to leave the trauma behind, to live in a safe space, and hope for a pathway to provide for their family’s basic needs.  We also hope and pray that they will find welcoming people among us to assist them in fulfilling  their hopes and dreams.

These faith-filled communities of immigrants have a lot to teach us.  They seek the Eucharist for strength which we so easily take for granted. With children in arms or laps, they pray for the loved ones and friends left behind. They arrive with open hands at the shelters and maintain a posture of openness when seeking the Eucharist and blessings and sprinkling with Holy Water for the journey.

How can we learn to be community to the migrant, the returning residents of carceral systems, the disenfranchised kids, and those removed from society?  We all need to open our hands rather than clenching them as we hold onto our busy-ness, fear, possessions, and status quo. In opening our hands to the Eucharist, to God’s grace in prayer, and to others, we will all experience the kingdom of God.


In the spirit of community,

Karen Clifton

CPMC Executive Coordinator



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