Good Friday changed St. Veronica. Her example changed my work as a prison chaplain.

America Magazine presents a story by Jake Theriot. From August 2022 to July 2023, Jake served as the Assistant Catholic Chaplain at California State Prison-Sacramento through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. He is currently working towards his Master of Social Work at Loyola University Chicago, and he hopes to continue working with individuals affected by incarceration.

 This article can be read here on the America Magazine website. Here is a brief excerpt:

“As chaplains, we do our best to model our actions after Veronica. The compassionate gesture she offered Jesus certainly did not remove the pain and suffering that Jesus endured and that he continued to endure on his way to Calvary. However, it fully recognizes and offers dignity to the suffering Jesus endures. It has the power to change how he suffers. Jesus has experienced in her touch, and in her kindness, true compassion. In that moment he does not suffer alone. Someone has seen it, someone has responded to it—even if in a simple way. I hope that the chaplain’s gesture created space within Sam’s own heart for him to feel seen, to allow him to be himself while in a painful place.”


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