Going Digital: Accessing Materials on Facility Tablets

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Prison and Jail facilities’ policies on physical mailings are becoming more restrictive. They are moving to digital tablets for mail, communication, and other resources. Some Directors of State Catholic Conferences are being asked by their respective Departments of Corrections for a list of Catholic materials available for facility approved tablets. In response to this question, CPMC is putting together a list of materials already formatted for facility tablets (eg Securus, Edovo, ViaPath etc) and a list of materials not yet formatted that our partner organizations would like to make available on facility tablets. We want to promote the quality resources your organization has produced! 

Please fill out the form below for each resource your organization has that is already on facility approved tablets and resources your organization has but are not yet formatted for facility approved tablets. By submitting the form for each resource we can accurately communicate the breadth of available resources and the need for services to appropriately process resources to be tablet ready. After you submit the form, we will be in touch with next steps and a formal submission process.

A few notes to consider when gathering your material:

    • Include a mailing address. Incarcerated individuals who attempt to call or email your organization will likely be charged a fee for using that capability.
    • Copyright. Include your organization’s copyright attribution on the materials. Similarly, do not use images or materials you do not have copyright permission to use.
    • Keep it apolitical. No political ads or politician campaigns.
    • Text/Print materials need to be formatted into a text readable PDF.
        • (Note: This is most easily accomplished by saving a Word Document in PDF Format. Video: Word > PDF)
    • Audio resources must be in either MP3 or MP4 format.
    • Artwork must formatted as a PNG file.
    • Video resources must be MP4 files.


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