Getting Real

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Getting Real

An excerpt from Jake’s personal essay: “Whenever I hear stories from the people incarcerated [at California State Prison-Sacramento], my heart grows, and I am challenged to inhabit myself more authentically. People have shared with me struggles and secrets they had never told anyone else. I’ve been present to prisoners as they learned of the deaths of family members. I’ve heard countless stories of the pain, trauma and abuse that many incarcerated people have suffered. Through all these experiences, people have shown God to me in ways more beautiful than I could have expected, mostly by opening their hearts, owning their stories and telling them honestly and vulnerably. In other words, by radically being themselves.”

Jake Theriot is originally from New Orleans, Louisiana. He graduated from the University of Notre Dame in May 2022 with his bachelor’s degree in English and theology. From August 2022 to July 2023, he served as the Assistant Catholic Chaplain at California State Prison-Sacramento through the Jesuit Volunteer Corps. He is currently working towards his Master of Social Work at Loyola University Chicago, and he hopes to continue working with individuals affected by incarceration.

Jake’s essay can be found on Notre Dame’s “Personal Essay” webpage by scrolling to the seventh essay, “Getting Real”, about a third of the way down the page.


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Those who come into contact with the criminal legal system know that it dehumanizes, disenfranchises, and demoralizes. People who experience poverty and mental illness, victims of abuse, and people of color are overrepresented on death row and throughout our carceral system. This creates a critical need for prison, jail, reentry, and detention ministers — those willing to bear witness to the suffering wrought by this system, and prepared to accompany people through it.

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“Deacon Ronnie Lastovica has been visiting women on death row in Mountain View Prison in Gatesville, TX, for over 8 years. Six of the women on death row have become Oblates of the Sisters of Mary Morning Star. He discovered that these women have been including CPMC’s Mary, Mother of Captives prayer card in their correspondence. I was very honored to know my art work was being used in that way.”

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Many Dioceses and organizations are gathering their ministers and supporters together in one place to attend the conference and to have an in-person opportunity to support and encourage each other. This is wonderful! Some of those groups have asked for suggestions of how to do this and still fully participate in the virtual conference. Below are a few suggestions.

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