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Walking a Mile in Their Shoes

How can we use this time to bond with “our brothers in white”? The  COVID-19  pandemic situation has given new meaning to a term used in Texas prisons that is somewhat akin to “sheltering in

The Universal Church

I was blessed to go to prison on New Year’s Eve. There was an open call worship service, which meant that I was able to meet and visit with men from the general population instead

Pursuing Christ in 2020

Last August, I visited the A-yard and C-yard chapels in New Folsom State Prison in California for the first time in over ten years. My history as a volunteer at the men’s maximum-security prison dates back

The CPMC blog shares reflections from people actively involved in ministries and advocacy work that serve those affected by incarceration. Our hope is that these reflections assist you in gaining deeper insight into your own ministry and volunteer work.  

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