Beyond Bars:
New Visions for Justice

Presented by

Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition

About the Event

Beyond Bars: New Visions for Justice is an exploration of international restorative systems and the California rehabilitation model through a ten-minute cut of the film Unguarded and a panel discussion centered on the evidence spurring us to reimagine our carceral system and explore alternative models for rehabilitation. 

Unguarded takes us inside the walls of APAC, the revolutionary Brazilian prison system centered on the full recovery and rehabilitation of the person. The results have been extraordinary: while the crime rate and recidivism rates have continued to increase in Brazil’s public prisons, within the APAC system they have steadily decreased. This film will show this love for the human person in action and propose it to viewers in America and elsewhere as a viable alternative to a system that currently fails victims, offenders, and society at large.

Also featured in this conversation is the “California Model”, designed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR). This model is implemented with the goal of building safer communities through rehabilitation, education, restorative justice and reentry, built on four pillars: dynamic security, normalization, peer mentorship, and becoming a trauma-informed organization.

Registration for the event will open at the end of July!

“Prison should not be a corrupting experience, a place of idleness and even vice, but instead a place of redemption.”

– Pope John Paul II


Unguarded Website

Unguarded Film

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Beyond Bars: New Visions for Justice 1
FBAC Interview

Interview with FBAC Executive Director Valdeci Ferreira

Justice Trends

Beyond Bars: New Visions for Justice 2
Gov. Newsom Article

Transformation of San Quentin

Read Governor Newsom's announcment regarding the historic transformation of San Quentin State Prison into San Quentin Rehabilitation Center

Beyond Bars: New Visions for Justice 3
SQRC Webinar

CPMC Webinar about San Quentin Rehabilitation Center

View this webinar to learn more about the California Model of Rehabilitation and the paradigm shift happening at San Quentin with presenters Warden Chance Andes and Chaplain Fr. George Williams.

Beyond Bars: New Visions for Justice 4

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