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The place to go for Catholic ministry serving people affected by incarceration.

Our Mission

The Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition (CPMC) promotes ministry to all people affected by incarceration and detention. We recruit, train, support and empower those called to this ministry. 

We strive to create a more just and merciful criminal justice system that upholds the dignity of every human person and advances restorative justice.

Our Purpose

The Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition is the central hub for all Catholic jail, prison, and detention ministry efforts in the United States. We offer:

  • Ministry formation (prison, jail, detention, reentry, families, victims, etc.) opportunities for dioceses and Catholic organizations; 
  • Educational webinars, town halls, and a database of organizations and resources;
  • Opportunities for joint action and legislation on behalf of criminal justice reform, and promotion of restorative justice practices;
  • Support of ministries serving victims, the incarcerated, those who work and minister in these contexts, and their families;
  • A shared virtual space for best practices, interest group dialogue, and collaboration; and
  • A professional development pathway for the next generation of jail and prison ministers and change agents. 


About Us 1

Fr. George Williams, SJ

Board Chair

About Us 2

Fr. Dustin Feddon

Board Vice Chair

About Us 3

Karen Clifton

Executive Coordinator
Board Secretary & Treasurer

About Us 4

Curtis Gibson

Board Member

About Us 5

Patricia Okonta

Board Member

About Us 6

Douglas Sandvig

Board Member


About Us 7

Sharon Burns

Financial Manager

About Us 8

Jarrod Kinkley

Manager for Special Projects

About Us 9

Courtney Malawy

Program Manager

About Us 10

Kara McNamara

Communications Manager

Key Dates

Bishops' Advisory Committee




Bp. Baker

Bp. Mark Bartosic

Bp. Brendan Cahill

Bp. Oscar Cantú

Abp. Salvatore Cordileone

Bp. Tom Daly

Bp. John Dolan

Bp. Felipe De Jesus Estévez

Episcopal Advisor:

Bp. William Wack, Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee


Advisory Committee Members:

Abp. Shelton Fabre

Bp. Jaques Fabre-Jeune, CS

Bp. Earl Fernades

Bp. Daniel Garcia

Bp. Donald Hying

Bp. Louis Kihneman

Bp. Patrick Neary, CSC






Bp. Erik Pohlmeier

Bp. Mark Rivituso

Bp. Sis

Bp. John Stowe

Abp. Thomas

Bp. David Toups

Bp. Joe Vasquez

Bp. Edward Weisenburger


Executive Committee

Karen Clifton, MDiv

Erica Cohen Moore, MA

Joe Cotton, MA

Marc DelMonico, PhD

Harry J. Dudley, DMin

Fr. Dustin Feddon, PhD

Kathryn Getek Soltis, PhD

Jarrod Kinkley, MA


Kimberly Lymore, MDiv, DMin

Courtney Malawy

Kara McNamara, MEd

Greg Mellor, MA

Jane Stenson, MSW

Krisanne Vaillancourt Murphy, MTS

Sr. Susan VanBaalen, O.P.

Fr. George WIlliams, S.J., PhD


Foundational Training Committee

Aida Bone | Diocese of Pensacola–Tallahassee

Fr. Jay DeFolco  | Archdiocese of Seattle

Harry J. Dudley, DMin | Consultant

Deacon Tim Hayden | Diocese of Austin

Franchelle Lee | Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston

Shannon O’Donnell | Archdiocese of Seattle

Deacon Roman Ramos | Diocese of Brownsville

Hermes Silva | Diocese of Victoria


We aim to educate, equip, and accompany all those ministering to and seeking ministry for people affected by incarceration.


We aim to create a national website to connect ministry leaders, those seeking assistance, and those involved in advocacy.


We aim to create a more just and merciful society through advocacy on the local, state, & national levels.

Our Partners

The work of Catholic Prison Ministries Coalition is a collaborative effort built on the support of our partner organizations. 

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